D. Basic Knowledge of the Brain part 2. The reinforcing properties of the brain.

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In the basic module C. functioning of the brain, part 1, you gained insight into the brain’s basic functioning. In addition, you were able to read that the brain has some constraining properties. Fortunately, the brain also has reinforcing properties. Properties that you, as a brain & mind practitioner, want to make full use of. If you allow these traits to flourish in yourself and others, true empowerment will be experienced.

Simply put: we want to make the opposing qualities have less effect by paying full attention to the reinforcing properties in particular.

Your brain can change. That is the first reinforcing property that is important to function more effectively. In addition to the fact that brains can change, there is the so-called reward circuit in the brain. If you can take advantage of this circuit, your changes accelerate. Also, the brain possesses awareness. The more aware you are, the faster you can change. Your consciousness can also be influenced. With this consciousness, you can have a dialogue with yourself. Number four, we have different mindsets. You can choose to bring your stronger mindset to the forefront and stabilize it. Finally you can look at your own brain and train your own brain. You will study these five parts in more detail in the coming lessons.

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