C. Basic Knowledge of the Brain. Part 1. The Constraining Properties of the Brain

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On the surface, (personal) leadership is managing your or the other person’s brain. Therefore, in this module and module D, you will gain basic knowledge of the brain. This knowledge is sorted for applicability in your work and live.

The brain

The brain is the control center of your actions, your feelings and your thoughts. The brain manages this trinity and the brain can also, in turn, ensure sustainable changes in this trinity. And this trinity is what it is often about, after all. Whether it’s in your private life or in your work.

Now often, your brain is in charge. Or in other words, your automatic actions, thoughts, and emerging emotions largely determine how you act. This can be different. You can become the boss. That is the core of the brain&mind approach.

The brain has four constraining properties that make it complicated to get the best out of yourself. This means that it is a challenge to use his brain effectively. It is too easy for the brain to become reactive rather than consciously active. Instead of leading, you are then led and easily influenced by circumstances. You act unconsciously: you react. The constraining properties have taken over. The four constraining characteristics are explained in this module. You will learn in this module how to make sure they influence you less.

In lesson D, we will look at the reinforcing properties.

Module C. is a basic module and like Module D. Basic knowledge of the Brain Part 2. and necessary for all other modules.

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