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Why have a practice module?

The brain is neuroplastic. This means that the brain adapts to the impulses it receives. By practicing, you give the brain impulses. If you give the brain prolonged, frequent, conscious stimuli, it adapts to them. This certainly applies to your insecurity in certain situations as well. Through this program, you will rise above that self and your insecurity. Therefore, practice is very important. This module helps you do this.

The exercises we recommend in this module are directions and shape your exercise. They will never tell you what the content of your exercise should be. The Brain&Mind approach rarely fills you in on what you should practice. We leave that entirely up to you.

Practical use of this module

Unlike the other modules, the practice module is never done. You are never done practicing. You must make the practices you find in this module your own: they must become second nature.

Start-up questionnaire

To know well what you want to practice, it is super important that you gain insight into your learning development. Therefore, the first practice is the questionnaire at the start of the program Confident with Own Potential. You will find this questionnaire below.

Making new neural networks with the stop-and-start practice

A powerful and central practice in the Brain&Mind approach is the stop-and-start practice. In Module D, you will be introduced to it, and then you will continue this practice so that it becomes a habit.


How do you know if you are practicing enough? By monitoring whether you are practicing. That is why the monitor is very important. In the lesson on monitoring, you will find some tips for monitoring your development.


In addition to the monitor, self-reflection is also super important. Self-reflection focuses on turning your attention inward. Focus on how your brain works and how your body feels about it. 

Awareness Development

Your brain can act very independently. The brain has learned ineffective habits. To master these habits, you need consciousness. Awareness is the ability to experience yourself, perceive yourself, and be aware of yourself. The most important practice for you is the gap practice. You will learn this practice in module D.

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